Till recent times with an unknown speed market's offer and demand, especially in food, are changing. Next Ingredients borns from verification of that mutation. The founders will is to create a proactive and reactive reality to changes. For catching, following and take advantage from those mutations, Next Ingredients has structured a technical and productive organization chart able to propose with agility in adequate timing a process and a product innovation at the same time. Expertise and agility with the support of an industrial and 100% Italian group, the one of B&C SpA, able to supply precious sinergies and resources.

Due to varied cultural contest and to increased importance of social media in shaping consumer opinions, it's easy to presume that this quick mutations trend will go ahead across time. Our commercial choice is to work towards up-to-date and innovative ingredients that the market is asking for. New products that e.g. give the possibility to do not declare a certain E--number ingredient or allow to label only the category (e.g.: vegetable fiber) or furthermore label an item whose health benefit is inside the ingredient itself.

More the label is short, better will be the consumer perception giving the idea that product on the shelf is the same to the one the consumer would be able to cook at home having time availability. The consequence is the necessity to be ready with alternatives to this or that single item and to include always in our offering portfolio updated news because the market could prize products carachterized by a shorter commercial life. This phenomenous is called "Consumer Bulimia".

Our way of modus operandi asks for an agile organization and to be equipped with wide scope skills: Next Ingredients provides both. Next purpose is to offer a company model that doesn't forget the past rather bases on many years of assimilated traditions and experience of their founders to better face and understand the future. The aim is to carry out the tradition and continually renovate it. A key point is to communicate a noticeable value; our way to do it is the continuous research of new ingredients and application or innovative combination also bespoken to improve the product performance. Value reachable throughout the mastery of multi-applicative and cross skills generated from the esperience in different sector's business unit from food to pharma passing through nutraceutical. Acquired knowledge, but NEVER shut to news.

Monica Saccani
General Manager
Next Ingredients srl